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K&K Definity Pickup Only
Our Price: $99.00
High quality replacement Mogami cable for Stimer style magnetic pickups. High quality shielded cable ideal for accurate reproduction of acoustic instruments. It is designed to work with virtually any floating bridge instrument,
like Archtop and Macaferri guitars, and even semi-acoustic electric
guitars with Tune-o-matic bridges. It is also well-suited for the banjo,
cello, and many ethnic or folk instruments like bouzouki, saz, etc.
This miniature condenser microphone achieves full-sounding pickup and is
known for outstanding consistency and dependable performance. Supplied
with both a clothing clip and guitar mount, it provides natural and
articulate vocal reproduction when used as a clip-on lavalier and excels
in pickup of acoustic guitar.

A pickup and pre-amp that will yield the most natural sound.

Your first glance at the Audio-Technica AT831b may make you think that
this little cardioid condenser lavalier microphone is only suited for
the voice — but, don't let your eyes be the judge. Many musicians and
engineers are finding out just how versatile the Audio-Technica AT831b
really is. If you have, say, a straight-up acoustic guitar — without
electronics — you can easily use the AT831b and an included clip, to
achieve a crisp, full-sounding amplified voice. You can also grab other
notoriously hard-to-mic instruments and simply clip on the
Audio-Technica AT831b.
Miller Pickup Mod. S.51
Our Price: $300.00
Our recommended pickup for amplifying the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar!

Specially engineered carbon housing isolates the pickup element for a linear frequency response and true reproduction of your performance. Requires no external power or preamp for operation. Can be mounted internally or externally. Quick-detach carbon fiber jack plate included.

-Extra soundboard adhesive included
-External jack mount included
-Constructed of aerospace grade extruded carbon fiber
-Mounts to guitar quickly and easily with included Velcro backed mounting plate
-Mounting instructions included.

Pickup in chrome finish, single coil with AlNiCo- magnet, as the original STIMER S.51- pickup from the fifties. For a better output balance, also a special designed magnet for Argentine strings is used. Handmade single coil wiring, assembeld with a very thin brass housing, bottom attached with screws, 13 ft. cable and 1/4" jack.

Inspired from the model used by the world-renowned guitarist, this new model has been produced for the 100th anniversary of Django's birthday, and includes many technical improvements on its predecessor.

Our Price: $353.00
Sale Price: $353.00
If you are looking for a fully internal system that reproduces the natural sound of your instrument, the Trinity Maccaferri System is it! Based on our experience with these type of guitars, a microphone is still the most authentic way to achieve true Maccaferri tone. Replica of the classic piclup used by Django Reinhardt! Replica of the classic pickup used by Django Reinhardt.
Our Price: $375.00
Ischell X48+CPJ
Our Price: $375.00
Simple magnetic coil pickup in 2 components.
Length: 92 mm
Thickness: 8 mm under the ropes
Separate volume knob
Nickel-plated brass cover
1 Bracket set for Selmer guitar
Supplied with 1 cable 3m

Specifications :

The BOX works with 2 CR2032 batteries (included)
Contact mic CPJ. The jack is fixed by double-sided adhesive
Link Module / microphone by Jack mono not included (optional below)
Operational autonomy plugged 300 hours minimum.
Low cut 3 positions : Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
Unbalanced output jack
Fixing putty
Double-sided adhesive
Storage case. Instructions
Case size: 55X40X30mm

Specifications :

  • Contact microphone with cable 40cm, 2mm diameter
  • The Jack of the mic kit is fixed by double-sided adhesive
  • XLR/Jack cable 3,5m length and 3mm diameter
  • Works with phantom power 9/48v
  • Low cut inside the XLR 3 positions : Flat / 180Hz / 360Hz
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Fixing putty
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Storage case and instructions
ToneDexter is the new pre-amp for acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins, and more that restores the missing body sound to an instrument’s ordinary piezo pickup. An exacting reissue of the famous Stimer ST-48 pickup being built by the same family who invented this design many years ago. You will find the sound of this pickup is closer to that of the original than any other magnetic pickup being produced today. Hand wound single coil pickup, volume adjustment and encased in a chrome steel cover. Includes a cloth storage pouch and cable. Mounts to the guitar using a magnetic attachment system (Included). This pickup sheds new light on the style of pickups pioneered by Yves Guen and Stimer of the 40's and 50's. While keeping with tradition in its design which pays hommage to its historic predecessors; the GUZZ Acoustic Pickup solves many of the inherent issues with early amplification technology. A common problem among these original pickups was uneven trebel and bass response when being played. The GUZZ solves this problem by providing a truly HI-FI version of this traditional system.
Benedetti Mini Humbucker Pickup System (NEW MODEL)
List Price: $450.00
Our Price: $450.00
Carlos VIP "Gypsy"
Our Price: $650.00
An amazing new solution which combines old school sound with modern low
noise components. Easily attaches to virtually any Selmer guitar. Simply
slide the clip under the top of the guitar and attach the removable
volume module to the tailpiece. You can hear players such as Angelo
Debarre using this system on recordings and concerts.
The long awaited reissue of the Stimer ST-51! The S51 pickup was originally designed in 1951 by Yves Guen with a special mounting system especially for jazz manouche guitars. It can attach magnetically with supplied mount if desired (without bar). This design also allows for simple adjustment of volume. Supplied with a vintage 3m RCA to 1/4 inch instrument cable and optional mounting hardware. Favored by such artists like Boulou and Elios Ferre, Maurice Ferre, Mondine Garcia (and many more). THIS was the pickup that shaped the sound of music being made in the cafes of Paris.


Email us at DavyViolins@gmail.com for more information.
FELiX Microphone Preamp
Looking for an amp that is portable and small but still delivers the best power and sound?

FELiX is our new, studio quality 2 channel blending
acoustic instrument   and mic preamp, designed for working musicians,
engineers, sound   companies or venues looking for the highest quality
solution for   amplifying stringed instruments.

AER's Alpha....improved! The Alpha Plus!
Stimer M-6 Amplifier
Our Price: $1,200.00
Compact 60: a world standard in amplification! CONNECT A SELMER-TYPE GUITAR EQUIPPED WITH A STIMER PICKUP AND LISTEN TO THE MAGIC OF THAT 50s FRENCH JAZZ SOUND! The classic Compact 60 in a stage monitor format!
Compact and powerful battery powered acoustic amplifier from AER!