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Instrument care essentials for preserving your Selmer-Maccaferri guitar! Questions about how to properly care for your instrument? Contact us: DavyViolins@gmail.com
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"The Swipe" Guitar String Cleaner BAM France Instrument Cleaning Cloth DjangoGuitars Guitar Polish Kit
Remove string gunk easily and quickly. Prolongs the life of your strings.
Microfiber Polishing/Cleaning cloth from BAM France! One bottle of polish recomended for brilliant finish guitars. Comes supplied with instructions and microfiber polish cloth.
Dampit Gypsy Jazz Guitar Humidifier Oasis Case Humidifier
Oasis Case Humidifier
Our Price: $19.99
A great way to keep humidity levels up inside your guitar case!
This style of Oasis® humidifier attaches to the inside of your instrument case to provide an optimum environment for your guitar.