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Getting into Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book/CD Set) Manifesting Manouche by Anthony Parker L'Esprit Manouche (Book/CD Set)
This book focuses on the key elements of the Django Reinhardt Gypsy jazz or jazz Manouche guitar style. The information revealed here was gleaned from years of experience jamming with French Gypsies and studying with masters of the style. A native of France, Stephane Wrembel acquired his skills entirely by ear and has taught scores of musicians worldwide using the method that appears here in text and notation for the first time. Written in English, German and French with all musical examples in standard notation and tablature, Wrembel conveys his knowledge in a logical step by step manner, exposing the reader to the authentic Manouche style as it continues to evolve in France and Holland. Medium to advanced in difficulty, this method is designed for the guitarist who is already familiar with jazz harmony and note locations on the fretboard. Manifesting Manouche is a great method for beginning through intermediate players, as well as an ideal curriculum for gypsy jazz guitar teachers and their students. The book offers tips for teachers, a comprehensive practice plan, a quick start guide for students, blank diagrams/tabs for adding new curriculum, and much more. Sections included: arpeggio shapes and etudes, grilles (gypsy jazz style chord charts), manouche style phrases, enclosures, diminished scales, and more. All of the phrases and scales in this book are connected to the 5 major & 5 minor arpeggio shapes. Links to YouTube video demonstrations of all phrases in this book. This massive book offers a comprehensive study of the Gypsy jazz or Manouche guitar style as perceived by French guitarists Derek Sebastian and Romane, two of the finest modern day practitioners of the Django Reinhardt style.

Each of the book's thirty-six progressive chapters consists of four parts: A.) Technique developed through exercises, chord progressions/diagrams, and illustrations of fingerboard positions; B.) A harmony lesson with leads in the Manouche style; C.) Soloing techniques based on the harmonic structure of a given theme; and D.) Self-testing materials with answers provided at the close of the book.

The companion CD for L'Espirit Manouche is unique in that it provides 98 play-along MIDI files that exactly parallel the order of the exercises, examples and pieces in the book as well as audio tracks of excerpts from eighteen Romane favorites from the Gypsy jazz repertoire. The MIDI tracks, which can be accessed via most audio players on PC or Macintosh computers, allow the student to play along with both short phrases and extensive rhythm tracks- at any desired tempo; The audio tracks on the companion disc can be played on any CD player.

L'Espirit Manouche not only makes Gypsy jazz accessible; it offers an opportunity to master the Manouche style. While many exercises and tunes appear in both standard notation and tab, not to mention chord or fretboard diagrams, standard notation is predominant.
Angelo Debarre & Samy Daussat Gypsy Guitar "The Secrets" VOL. 1 Astuces De La Guitare Manouche Vol. 3 By Christophe Astolfi with CD (French) Daniel Givone La Guitar Manouche Methode with CD (FRENCH ONLY)
As an introduction to the gypsy guitar we have gathered together a series of tips and techniques as used by the masters.Accompaniment:The traditional gypsy method always starts with the rhythm. You'll study the famous gypsy pumping and other rhythms used in the gypsy swing.Playing solo:We've collected a number of classic tunes in the style of Django. You'll study the techniques used in gypsy jazz : chromaticism, rolling, sweeping, octave...The tunes:We finish our course with 6 pieces performed by Angelo Debarre and accompanied by Samy Daussat. Each piece is scored and in guitar tab.All the exercises and music can be found on the accompanying CD. To help you to practise your solo playing the playalong tracks are found at the end of the CD. The Diagrams of the chords are at the back of the book.Grab your guitar and have fun! Spécialiste de la valse swing, le guitariste Christophe Astolfi publie aux Editions Coup de Pouce un nouveau volume (le troisième de la collection “Astuces de la guitare manouche”) consacré aux classiques du musette et de la valse gitane (“Des valses incontournables”). All the secrets of Gypsy guitar. 5 themes, 20 solo and over 100 shots to play like Django and masters of style. Method 76 pages with CD By Daniel GIVONE History of gypsy guitar. Django and heirs. The myth Selmer guitars legend. Agreements. The pump (4 formulas for support). The pick and right hand technique (alternate, sweeping ...). Improvisation: the phrasing from the five forms and the relationship-range agreement. Improvisation on major chords (M, M6, M6 / 9, M7 ...), minor (m, m6, m6 / 9, m11, m13 ...), seventh (7, 7/9, 11, 13, 7/5 +, ... 7/b9). Use diminished scales, color and tone scales. Applications in all tones: 20 solos. Chords Melody: Play the melody in chords + 5 standard (themes and solos) to play in all styles (swing, waltz, ragtime, gypsy bossa ...).
Bireli Lagrene Guitar Project Book Complete Django The Ultimate Django Book (English and French Edition)
A collection of solos by Bireli Lagrene. Rare and out of print.

Blues Clair
Un Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi
Minor Swing
Place Du Tertre
Place De Broukère
Swing 42