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Wegen "Yeux Noirs" Guitar Pick Wegen M350 Gypsy Jazz Guitar/Mandolin Pick (3.5mm) Wegen "Twins" Gypsy Jazz Guitar Picks (3.5mm) BLACK
3.5mm pick from Michel Wegen. Unique double sided pick that reduces rotation in your hand. Wegen M350 Gypsy Jazz Guitar/Mandolin Pick Thickness 3.5mm "The cutest of them all! Basically, this is a mini-Gypsyjazzpick, but what a performer. Don't let the dimensions fool you . Great speed, control, volume and sound. A solid winner and Michel's favorite. ( A favorite for many others too!) Dimensions: 27.5 mm long, 23.3 mm wide and 3.5 mm thick. This model also comes in a 2-pack. Look for the orange inserts." -Michel Wegen
Wegen Trimus 350 (3.5mm)
Wegen Trimus 350 (3.5mm)
Our Price: $20.00
"The triangular cousin of the most popular Wegenpicks model, the Gypsyjazzpick! Great feel, deep grip, close to tortoise sound, and perfect wear. Did I mention the triangular Wegenpicks have great balance?This pick will take you far in both solo or rythm playing."